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If you are looking to evaluate our software or just want to learn more about Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems ( IDS/IPS ) in general, our easy to follow documents and guides are here to help.

IPS documents and guides from CounterSnipe will explain everything you need to know in, hopefully, jargon-free terms. So from IDE to IDS or IDS to IPS, you will become an instant IPS expert.

Moreover, you have all that you need here to help you through installing, configuring and using CounterSnipe IPS.

But do remember that we need 2 things from you, if you are proceeding with an evaluation/POC;

1. The MAC address of eth0 of the system that you wish to install our IPS on: We use this to enable your account specifc installation of our software.

2. Your public facing IP address: We use this to enable you access via our firewall so that you could download our software and the IPS rules.

Start finding out how to make the most of your CounterSnipe IPS with our IPS docs and guides below

Trial our Software 

Some things you must attend to for a successful install - Readme 1st

Want to get a quick and successful install? Please perform the basics as outlined in this doc.

Installation Guide

Ready with your Hardware/VM?
This is the first document you need to begin installing.

Quick way to make our IPS do something

Having installed the software you can follow this quick step by step to get the system to start IDSing.

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Available to current CounterSnipe users and is emailed with the Software Licences. If you would like another copy, please contact us via above link.

Writing your own rules

Want to detect company specific traffic?
Want to monitor network activities?
Want to control who does what?

Technical Training for Security Admins

Want to get the most out of your CounterSnipe?
Want to learn to write company specific rules?
This 2-day on site session is for you.

Don't miss our Videos

Cloud based or remote IDS sensor management   &
Fine tuning IDS rules

Setting up VPN for management network

Want to eliminate the possibility of compromising internal data?

Want to secure remote IPS sensor management?

Setting up and configuring IDS Sensor for Centos

Download this compressed file, uncompress it and you will have all the docs that you need for setting up remotely managable IPS sensors on a Centos system

 Deployment diagram

IPS for AWS Cloud - Wepa Case Study

Learn about the options and alternatives to address IDS security for cloud based hosts. Illustrates the capabilities and advantages of a CounterSnipe IDS/IPS for securing AWS hosts.

Comprehensive list of CounterSnipe IPS functions

A detailed list of all the CounterSnipe IDS, IPS, Asset Management, Port Scanning and other technically superior functions.

Know your IDE from IDS/IPS

Can't tell your IDS from IPS or IDE from IDS or what we do with Suricata, the leading IDE?

We shalll explain it all in this document...go ahead and take a read

Version 9.0.0 released March 2016 - to be used together with administration guide.


Step by Step guide to building Suricata with Hyperscan on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Chris Bolley shares his experience of integrating Suricata and hyperscan


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