Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS/IPS) Software

Managed Security with security data never leaving your site

2017 sees CounterSnipe launch Managed IDS/IIPS Security. Our IDS/IPS systems are very easy to manage and maintain in house, by appropriately trained security analysts. However, there are many reasons and situations where it will make sense for organizations to consider managed security services. Some of the key reasons are;

  • Saving on initial setup costs
  • Spread th cost of security
  • extend your team by adding always on security experts 
  • Optimize your security resources.
  • Free up your resources for other business needs

We have teamed up with Partners that have the experience and skills  in delivering those srvices.

One of our US based partner, lists below what you could expect from us:

One of our sole focuses is managing cyber security. Many organizations have matured to the point that they are demanding that security be considered beyond the basic technologies and services. We take a programmatic and proactive approach to solving these security needs for our clients. We consider the diverse range of security concerns, such as business strategy and planning, monitoring and operations, and defenses and controls.

Our advanced research and extensive “hands-on” experience has enabled us to create comprehensive solutions that target the most pressing IT security issues facing businesses all over the world.

Managed Security has become a leading service in our repertoire of services because our clients want to know that they have a partner that pro-actively searches for vulnerabilities and neutralizes any threats 24/7 365. We provide a FREE penetration and vulnerability assessment to our clients before they even sign up with us. This assessment not only identifies vulnerabilities within the system(s), network(s) and firewall(s), but also gives us a road map for our intricate and deliberate deployment of security measures that we implement throughout our clients’ infrastructures. We then determine whether to implement our IDS/IPS software or lease the software on a subscription basis. Nothing is left to chance. There is always a need and a reason why we choose specific measures to be deployed. It is our main goal as your Managed Security Provider to make sure that our clients are impenetrable and unwanted users are kept out of the network(s), PC’s, system(s) and mobile devices.

Fill out our Request Form or Call us today and speak with our certified security experts so that we can schedule your FREE penetration and vulnerability assessment or a FREE demo of our IPS/IDS Software. We will give you can have peace of mind knowing that your company is safe and secure today, and every day, now that we are your cyber security partner.


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