Date, January 22, 2018

A look back at the breaches throughout 2017

The below are just a fraction of the Data breaches and Cyber Attacks that happened January – December 2017.

January 2017

Cyber attack

Cockrell Hill police lose years’ worth of evidence in ransom hacking

Hacker Group Claims Responsibility for Lloyds Bank Outages, Ransom Demand

St. Louis’ public library computers hacked for ransom

Computer hacker hits Illinois processor

No payoff for hackers, Arkansas school district says

Trojan malware blamed for cyberattack at Barts Health NHS hospitals

Marijuana dispensaries hit by hack of sales system

Cosmetic surgery center discloses ransomware attack

Princeton University becomes victim of MongoDB ransom attacks

Los Angeles Valley College Hit By Cyber Attack, Pays Ransom

Data breach

Break-in prompts hospital to assess possible patient privacy breach

Odessa one of eight school districts targeted in e-mail phishing scam

Grey Eagle Casino employee information leaked in major privacy breach

Dirty secrets of 180,000 users of a porn site that posts ‘upskirt’ photos are leaked

Data breach affects thousands of school system employees

Telus releases Hamilton woman’s cellphone information to her stalker

218,000 AlphaBay marketplace users’ private messages acquired by bug hunter

Another child protection privacy breach names more than 30 kids in care

District 833, police investigate after student accesses private employee data

NYPD tech worker accused of selling officers’ personal info

TriHealth notifies 1,126 patients after software glitch sends statements to old addresses

Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center at Dublin hit with possible data breach

Catholic Charities of Baltimore Notifies Clients of Potential Security Incident

Complete Wellness notifies 600 patients after employee misconduct results in lost PHI

Clash of Clans Forums Accounts Have Been Hacked

CoPilot Provider Support Services notifies 220,000 of data security breach in 2015

California translation firm’s security lapse exposes sensitive files

Passwords of top Trump appointees leaked online after earlier data breaches: Report

California snafu releases personal info of nearly 4,000 gun safety instructors

Dutch Cops Warn 20,000 of Email Account Hack

5,000+ Sentara Healthcare patient records involved in security breach

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Medical Group notify parents of laptop theft

Email account with patient information at UM doctors group hacked

Summit Reinsurance Services breach affected 19,000

Hacker Steals 900 GB of Cellebrite Data

Hospital scammed for employee information

Twoplustwo poker forum hacked again; personal data stolen

ESEA hacked, 1.5 million records leaked after alleged failed extortion attempt

Letter notifies NISD employees, students of email breach

Hilliard Bradley High School hacked, students’ information exposed


Possible data breach occurred at 21 Bowlmor AMF bowling centers, including one in Henrico

POPEYES discloses payment card breach that began in May, 2016; 10 locations affected

Zimbabwe computer hacker takes $70k from OK Zim

Rsync errors lead to data breach at Canadian ISP, KWIC Internet

Hackers infiltrate govt-owned bank systems to create fake trade docs

Taipei employees’ financial data leaked


February 2017

Cyber attack

Gov, OMES Confirm Agency Hacked, No Ransom Piad

Hackers demand $25k-$30k after ransomware attack takes down Bingham county servers

Yahoo tells users they were hit with cookie attack

University suffers cyber attack from its own vending machines and lamp posts

Isis-linked hackers attack NHS websites to show gruesome Syrian civil war images

Pro-Trump group hacked, website taken down in Cabinet fight

Hackers demand £1 million from David Beckham’s advisers

Norway’s Labour Party was hacked by Russia: report

Ransom demanded in Licking County technology hack

Tiverton town hall has two years’ worth of documents deleted by virus that demanded £3,000 ransom

Data breach

South Washington School District probes hacking by student

NYC Dept. of Education email gaffe exposes 439 paraprofessionals’ SSN

Millions of IGN and PCMag user records sit exposed, online

Email Lists Revealing Students’ Private Information Remained Public for Years

Hackers who took control of PC microphones siphon >600 GB from 70 targets

Cleveland Food Bank Loses Personal Data for Dozens of Clients

Lexington Medical Center latest victim of data breach

Family Service Rochester experiences data breach

Thousands of medical records stolen


Privacy commissioner apologises for accidentally releasing email addresses

PharmaNet breach compromises personal information of 7,500 B.C. residents, says province

Fulton County clinic dumps sensitive medical records in plain sight

20,000+ tribal members warned of data breach

City notifying staff whose private information was compromised

Laptop and files with confidential information about Aberdeen children stolen

Top End Health Service breach exposes private details of cancer patients

Hacker steals 83,000 accounts from UPI news agency

Mag publisher Future stored your FileSilo passwords in plaintext. Then hackers hit

15,000 data files of Taiwanese nationals possibly hacked: Govt

Multnomah County notified 1,700 patients after discovering employee was forwarding emails to personal account

Sports Direct hacked last year, and still hasn’t told its staff of data breach

Five months after learning of problem, Michigan cancer treatment providtomers, personal date may have been lifted

Used government computers bought at auction filled with personal information

Denuvo Website Leaks Secret Information, Crackers Swarm

Data from 2014 hack of children’s online game Bin Weevils leaked online; hacker claims 20m records

Vulnerability put 1.87 million Michigan employees at risk

Hundreds of confidential email addresses were shared with landlords operating in Cardiff

Particle accelerator hacked: Boffins’ hashed passwords beamed up

2.5 million PlayStation and Xbox players’ details stolen by hackers

Financial information

Citizens Memorial Hospital investigates breach of employee data

Data breach hits San Antonio Symphony employees

Hundreds of Arby’s restaurants breached

PC Plus points stolen from customer accounts in security breach

Malware hit Hitachi Payments Services, 3.2 million cards affected

InterContinental reports payment card breach at 12 U.S. hotels

March 2017

Cyber attacks and ransomware

Urology Austin notifies patients of ransomware attack

KY: Estill County Chiropractic notifies 5,335 patients of ransomware attack

Metropolitan Urology Group Notifies Almost 18,000 Patients of Ransomware Attack That Exposed PHI

City erases, re-installs server after ransomware attack

Student expelled for hacking professors’ emails

Hackers attack Pa. Senate Democrats’ computer system with Ransomware

Website of Korea retail giant Lotte hacked in China

Data breach

26 million NHS patients’ records in security scare over SystmOne “enhanced data sharing”

Laptops containing 3.7 million Hong Kong voters’ data stolen after chief executive election

Dozens of patients’ medical records found lying in Melbourne street

Notification of data breach on FIRST Forums

Thousands of Psychiatrist’s Patient Records Stored in Basement of House He Rented Out

Council blunder leaks personal data on web

Vermont Department of Labor details data security breach at third party vendor

New Three Data Breach Exposes Mobile Customer Account Details To Total Strangers

UNC Health Care notifies 1,300 prenatal patients of potential breach

Saks Fifth Avenue Exposed Personal Info On Tens Of Thousands Of Customers

Blunder reveals Australian lawmakers’ private cell numbers

Email gaffe revealed 1,417 cancer patients’ email addresses

15 computers with ‘sensitive information’ stolen from Chief Justice Mogoeng’s office

Lane Community College notifies health clinic patients of potential breach

McDonalds India is leaking 2.2 million users data

Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario employee breached privacy of nearly 300 patients

Singapore Armed Forces apologizes for data leak

Ster-Kinekor “data leak” means private data of 7 million South Africans is at risk

Devon doctors’ surgery says sorry for data breach

Popular Teen Quiz App Wishbone Has Been Hacked, Exposing Tons of User Information

43,000 individuals’ possibly affected after Abta web server hacked

We’ve lost control of our personal data (including 33M NetProspex records)

US military leak exposes ‘holy grail’ of security clearance files

VCU Health System notifies 2,700 of inappropriate access to their medical records

Brand New Day notifies 14,005 members after breach at vendor

Tarleton Medical discloses breach involving protected health information

Financial information

Data breach may put Daytona State College students’ personal info at risk

Med Center Health reports stolen patient billing information

Email Security Breach Involving County Employees’ Bank Accounts In Sebastian County

Oh those inadequately secured backup devices…

GMO Payment Gateway confirms data leakage from two client websites

Hackers steal thousands after Queensland School Photography targeted online

April 2017

Cyber attack and ransomware

Newark City Hall computers hacked with ransomware

Atlantic Digestive Specialists notify patients of ransomware incident

Phishing scam diverts more than $40,000 from Denver Public Schools

IAAF says medical records compromised by Fancy Bear hacking group

Lessons to learn as McAfee’s LinkedIn page is hijacked

Hackers set off Dallas emergency sirens more than a dozen times in a few hours

ECMC officials remain mute on cause of computer shutdown

Data breach

RingGo parking app exposes users’ personal information

McDonald’s Canada breached, 95,000 job seekers’ information compromised

Concordia’s online course systems, eConcordia and KnowledgeOne, have been hacked.

Unencrypted patient info from 2008 left in a van.

Iowa Veterans Home warns nearly 3,000 of data breach after phishing incident

Privacy Incident at Lifespan

Patient privacy breach: over 1600 medical letters found dumped in Sydney bin

PAUSD student data exposed in breach

Millions of game accounts exposed in data breach, responsibility thrown to the wind

30,000 London gun owners hit by Met Police ‘data breach’

Voters’ personal data at risk in Cobb theft

Privacy commissioner calls for investigation after photo card privacy breach

Amedisys announces patient info breach

Privacy breach at Yakima’s Virginia Mason Memorial hospital affects 419 patients

Upmarket Sydney hotel targeted by cybercriminals

Third Personal Data Breach Hits UHIP Customers

Thousands of examiners’ personal details stolen in AQA cyber-attack

Student privacy breached in Victoria Education Department blunder

Tullamore Hospital patient’s information sent to wrong person after data blunder

Wonga data breach: Personal details of 245,000 UK customers and 25,000 Polish customers may have been stolen in cyber attack

Leak of diabetic patients’ data highlights risks of giving info to telemarketers

Privacy, what? Bengaluru police leaks 46,000 phone numbers on Twitter

Scottrade Bank data breach exposes 20,000 customer records

Data leak exposes details of 450,000 lottery subscribers

Foodie social network Allrecipes warns that someone stole users’ email addresses and passwords

Financial information

Chipotle warns of data security breach, recommends monitoring card statements

Blowout Cards Notifies Customers After Card Fraud Reports Roll In

Cleveland Metropolitan School District discloses phishing-related incident

Debit card breach reported by car washes. 

U of L: Tax information of some employees hacked Investigating Possible Breach

Breach of Financial-Aid Tool May Have Compromised Data on 100,000 Taxpayers

1,200 InterContinental hotels hit by malware attack


Ashley Madison blackmailers threaten to create Cheater’s Gallery exposing members who don’t pay up

Teen Hackers Stole $300,000 From a Travel Site and Used It to Buy a Ducati

Hackers Are Emptying ATMs With a Single Drilled Hole and $15 Worth of Gear

Got one of these 20+ models of Linksys Smart Wi-Fi routers? Bad news. 10 security holes discovered

May 2017

Data breach

Anomaly’ caused OHIP privacy breach

Papers with CMS students’ sensitive information found blowing in wind

Fast Health in Tehachapi suffers security breach

Website hack exposed PMH patients’ personal, medical info

Health, personal records of 2,500 Arizona families with newborns lost

Beacon Health System notifies 1,200 patients of employee wrong-doing

Melbourne hospital in hot water as patients’ confidential medical records found on train Exposed Patient Records

Information on 2,036 patients compromised after data breach

Personal information exposed for 3,000 people in Stillwater after unauthorized access obtained to city computer

Niskayuna school laptop stolen, 945 students’ personal information on device

1.5 million students’ data leaked online, put up for sale for up to Rs60,000

Medical device containing patient information stolen from DePaul Hospital

Hackers may have names of thousands of Florida gun owners

School district reports breach due to caching problem with HomeLink

Font sharing site DaFont has been hacked, exposing thousands of accounts

Zomato Hacked; 17 Million Accounts Sold on Dark Web

Twitter says Vine users’ emails and phone numbers were exposed for a day, but weren’t misused

Hacker Steals Millions of User Account Details from Education Platform Edmodo

Bell apologizes to customers after data breach hits 1.9 million e-mail addresses

Data leak reveals details of 70,000 offshore firms in Malta, German state minister claims

Funding Circle Error Exposes 6,000 SSNs Of American Clients

Guardian Soulmates website suffers data breach

Diamond Institute for Infertility and Menopause notifies patients after hack

TheDarkOverlord dumps 180,000 patients’ records from 3 hacks

Debenhams Flowers data breach affects 26,000 customers

USA Today owner Gannett hit by phishing attack

Travel tech company Sabre confirms breach affected reservations system

Cyber attacks and ransomware

Walnut Place notifies patients of ransomware attack

Confluence charter school servers are hacked

WannaCry ransomware hits systems worldwide

Ransomware hits Australian hospitals after botched patch

Financial information

Blackburn High School families’ details illegally downloaded in targeted attack

Brooks Brothers payment card system compromised for almost one year; customers being alerted

Rogues reset ‘passwords’, steal W-2 info from Equifax subsidiary customer employees

Chipotle says malware hack stole customer payment info

Full House Lottery website breached, credit card information at risk

Rite Aid’s ecommerce platform breached, personal info stolen

Vic school IT breach after password theft

Security Breach at Punch Bowl Social; Employee Personal information compromised

Data breach hitting local car wash follows string of incidents around the country


NYU Accidentally Exposed Military Code-breaking Computer Project to Entire Internet

After hackers fail to extort money, new Pirates of the Caribbean movie torrents appear

Google Docs” Worm Ransacks Gmail Users’ Contact Lists – What You Need to Know

June 2017

Data breach

Texas Association of School Boards suffers security breach

School district server breach

Personal info of 522 Aetna clients in Texas affected by data security incident, firm says

Hundreds of SIH Patients Potentially Impacted by Insurance Breach

Hackers Altered 2016 Voter Rolls and Stole Private Data on U.S. Citizens

Nearly 3,000 Patients Notified Of St. Thomas Rutherford Health Information Breach

Confidential child protection files on sale at Alice Springs tip shop

Patient records stolen in computer breach at Torrance Memorial Medical Center

Data on 198M voters exposed by GOP contractor

Personal info of hundreds of thousands of students targeted in schools hack attack

Briefcase containing Little River Healthcare records stolen

Personal information of 16 Utahns stolen from DCFS employee’s vehicle, officials say

Passaic Housing Authority battles employee over data breach, rules on rent hikes

Hundreds Of Files With Personal Information Found In Greenwood

University department leaks the names of students and their extenuating circumstances

Former Durango Family Medicine patients warned of security breach

OU shuts down file sharing service after failing to protect thousands of students’ records

Over 5,000 Wind Tre customers hit by data breach

HSBC reveals customer information leak

Township of Springfield notifies individuals after discovering hack

More than a thousand Elon accounts compromised in security breach

University of Alaska: thousands affected by data breach, including names, social security numbers

Laptop stolen from Tulsa firm contained customers’ personal data

Customer data stolen as S.F. cybersecurity firm hacked, Stanford medical school reportedly a client

Privacy Breach at Beverly Hills Clinic Puts Thousands of Patients, Some Celebrities, at Risk

Cosmetic surgery online mistake allows public viewing of women’s photos, private details

Cyber attack and ransomware

Petya’ Ransomware Outbreak Goes Global

Ransomware: South Korean web hosting company pays $1m

Fired Employee Hacks and Shuts Down Smart Water Readers in Five US Cities

Cyber-attack on parliament leaves MPs unable to access emails

Airway Oxygen notifies 500,000 patients after ransomware attack

Cleveland Medical Associates tells patients of ransomware incident

Midwestern Hospital Infected With Ransomware

University College London hit by ransomware attack

Hacker stole satellite data from US Department of Defence

CD Projekt Red Reveals Cyberpunk 2077 Data Theft

Pro-ISIS hackers deface Ohio government websites

PanicGuard panic alarm app leaks your personal information, including location

Financial information

The Buckle, Inc. Notification of Security Incident at Some Retail Stores

How a Single Email Stole $1.9 Million from Southern Oregon University

Computer stolen at the Hall of Justice puts some at risk for identity theft

Data breach affects Irish users of global hotel website

Kmart breached by POS malware again


Leak of Windows 10 Source Code Raises Security Concerns

Thousands of customers ‘at risk’ following Virgin Media hack

Bungling Tata devs leaked banks’ code on public GitHub repo, says IT bloke

Mississippi Division of Medicaid notifies more than 5,000 after discovering data were not securely transmitted for more than three years

July 2017

Cyber attack and ransomware

Women’s Health Group of Pennsylvania Notifies 300,000 Patients of Ransomware Attack

TNT Express warns of permanent data loss from NotPetya malware outbreak

Atlanta neurological clinic notifies patients of ransomware attack AND an older hack

Menlo Park dental practice notifies patients of hack and ransom demand

Murfreesboro police, fire computers hit by WannaCry ransomware

While investigating one ransomware attack, Walnut Place hit with second attack

Ohio police, fire dispatch center hacked

Cove Family & Sports Medicine recovers from ransomware, but loses some data

Data breach

Hackers Breach 400,000 UniCredit Bank Accounts for Data

Ricoh Australia Scrambles to Fix Document Leak

iggest Data Leak in Sweden’s History Punished With Half a Month’s Paycheck

BCBST glitch sends erroneous reports to 657 employers

University of Vermont Medical Center notifies 2,300 patients of phishing incident

Sutton Council apologises after publishing names of benefit recipients in a ‘concerning’ data bungle

Over 5 million Social Security numbers exposed in Kansas breach: report

Loblaws suffers another online security breach

210 govt. websites found displaying personal info, including Aadhaar

Newcastle mother ‘felt sick inside’ at adoption data leak

Substantial’ privacy breach sees hundreds of N.S. patient records accessed

DSBN reaching out to parents after security breach

Detroit Medical Center reports data breach affecting 1,500

Bupa warns health insurance information exposed by rogue employee

Ivinson Memorial Hospital notifies patients of FastHealth breach

Cloud Leak: How A Verizon Partner Exposed Millions of Customer Accounts

University of Iowa Health Care notifies 5,292 patients about files exposed online for two years

Community Care discloses ransomware incident

Dark Web Hosting Service Hacked, Some Data Was Stolen

Data of over 120 million Jio customers leaked, claim reports

Kansas ID theft suspects had 429 job applications

Massive WWE Leak Exposes 3 Million Wrestling Fans’ Addresses, Ethnicities And More

School board addresses second privacy breach at Collingwood Collegiate

Financial information

Wells Fargo Accidentally Releases Trove of Data on Wealthy Clients

Hacker Steals $7 Million Worth of Ethereum From CoinDash Platform

Hackers nab credit card data from up to 1,000 California Realtors

Self-Service Food Kiosk Vendor Avanti Hacked

Dozens of Fresno Unified employees affected by data breach

Fourth largest Bitcoin exchange. Bithumb, hacked for billions of Won

The AA Exposed Emails, Credit Card Data, and Didn’t Inform Customers

Trump Hotels notifies some guests of payment card breach that began in 2016


Google Groups misconfiguration leads to sensitive data leaks

August 2017

Cyber attacks & ransomware

Malware attack disrupts hospitals

HBO hackers obtained all of HBO’s social media logins and GIPHY credentials

Another rough week for HBO as hackers and mistakes result in more leaks

Turkish hackers attack Armenian webpages again

Cyberattack on UCLA server potentially accesses student information

Pacific Alliance Medical Center notifies 266,123 patients of ransomware incident

South Korea LG service centers attacked by ransomware

FC Barcelona has its Twitter and Facebook accounts hijacked by the OurMine gang.

Sony social media accounts hijacked as hackers claims to have stolen PSN database

Attack on Ireland’s state-owned power provider blamed on state-sponsored hackers

Data breach

HIDS4U customers warned of free gift email attack after customer database leaks

Hackers claim to have leaked Game of Thrones season finale details

Oops! Aetna exposed 12,000 customers’ HIV statuses through envelope window

Indian Bank faulted for losing customer’s net banking credentials

Labor Department blames data breach for injury reporting site’s shutdown

OAIC investigating Flight Centre customer data leak

 Anonymous hacker claims to have stolen the NHS medical records of 1.2million Brits

US Voting Machine Supplier Leaks 1.8 Million Chicago Voter Records

OSHA Suspends ITA Due to Security Breach

Error exposes private info on thousands of South Wash. Co. students

Islington Council faces huge fine after massive data breach hit 90,000 people

Medical records of Norfolk patients found in a petrol station, a King’s Lynn restaurant and on the pavement

Lake Health investigating missing obstetrics records

Surgical Dermatology Group notifies patients after TekLinks hacked

Vancouver pot dispensary patient data breach highlights regulatory haze

State juror pool data breach exposed Social Security numbers

Personal data belonging to up to 21,000 TalkTalk customers could have been used for scams and fraud

Italian bank UniCredit admits data breached affecting 400,00 customers

Medical clinic breaches 1000 people’s privacy

Data of 100,000 Dutch lease drivers leaked

Big data breach unmasks Bloomberg chat room users

GPAs mistakenly sent to parents, students

Patients’ records stolen from Walsall health worker’s car

UC Health hospital notifies patients of medical records being compromised

Personal Info of 650,000 Voters Discovered on Poll Machine Sold on Ebay

Kaleida Health notifies 2,789 patients about phishing incident

NHS staff personal data leaked in latest data breach

Nude photos of Anne Hathaway leaked online by hackers

Financial information

Oceanside investigating possible data theft on bill-paying website

Hacker Nets over $500,000 after Hacking Enigma before ICO Date

San Antonio Institute for Women’s Health warns patients personal data compromised in network hack


Leak of >1,700 valid passwords could make the IoT mess much worse

BankBot trojan tries to sneak apps onto your Android smartphone without permission

Two zero-day vulnerabilities disclosed after Foxit refuses to patch PDF Reader

Vendor-neutral smart car bug has ‘dangerous’ and ‘even fatal’ consequences

September 2017

Cyber attack & ransomware

Arkansas Oral & Facial Surgery Center notifies 128,000 patients of ransomware incident

UISD investigating computer hacking

Sheriffs warn of hackers after upstate attack

Meridian Secondary School’s art competition site hacked

MongoDB ransacking starts again: Hackers ransom 26,000 unsecured instances

Mystery surrounds malware attack that forced German state parliament offline

Princess ransomware makes a visit to the wrong website a royal mistake

CCleaner, distributed by anti-virus firm Avast, contained malicious backdoor

Data breach

Credit reporting firm Equifax says data breach could potentially affect 143 million US consumers

Huge potential privacy breach exposes Nunavut’s lax file management

The Irish National Teacher’s Organisation suffers breach affecting up to 30,000 teachers

Personal data and lab results of more than 6,000 people were exposed online for months

Deloitte hit by cyber-attack revealing clients’ secret emails

Woman Stole Elderly Identities To Fund ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’; Cops Say

Telstra glitch sends personal SMS messages to random recipients after fire at exchange

SMART Physical Therapy hacked by TheDarkOverlord

Passwords to Over a Half Million Car Tracking Devices Leaked Online

Medical Mutual Provides Notice of Data Incident

Data breach made public, Ridgeview says it exposed some email addresses

PeaceHealth employee accessed patient info unnecessarily

AU Medical Center patients data possibly compromised by attack on faculty email accounts

Morehead Memorial Hospital: Data breach may have leaked patient and employee information

Vevo Hackers Leak — Then Delete — Huge Trove of Internal Videos, Documents

Somerville House donors warned of data breach

Hacker steals thousands of student records from WA TAFE

Man stole records from doctors’ storage unit

Notice of data breach affecting 1 million site users

AIB loses 550 bank customers’ confidential information Exposes Highly Sensitive Information in Massive Privacy Breach

Port Phillip Council privacy breach exposes 700 email addresses

AXA data breach affects 5,400 Singapore customers

Community Memorial Health System in Ventura suffers data security breach

Taringa hacked: 28 million users’ credentials compromised

Customer data stolen after attack on jobs platform

Thousands of sensitive mercenary resumes exposed after security lapse

BroadSoft Inc. left millions of partners’ customer data records exposed

Financial information

Breach at Sonic Drive-In May Have Impacted Millions of Credit, Debit Cards

Leak puts Toowoomba residents at risk of identity fraud

Dutch Bitcoin Broker Litebit Suffers Second Data Breach in Six Weeks

Financial records, kids names, charity money stolen

MacEwan University defrauded of nearly $12M in phishing scam


7% of All Amazon S3 Servers Are Exposed, Explaining Recent Surge of Data Leaks

Adobe’s security team reveals its private PGP key

Red Alert 2.0: New Android banking trojan can block and log incoming calls from bank

October 2017

Cyber attack & ransomware

Hacker Wants $50K From Hacker Forum or He’ll Share Stolen Database With the Feds

BadRabbit ransomware attacks multiple media outlets

FirstHealth Computer Network Threatened by Malware Virus

IFHS Investigates Cybersecurity Breach Of Clinic’s Computer System

Security breach reported at Ashland clinic

Forrester Announces Cybersecurity Incident Involving

Gaming Service Goes Down After Hacker Wipes Database and Holds It for Ransom

PornHub visitors hit with malware attack via poisoned ads

Data breach

Terror threat as unencrypted Heathrow Airport security files found dumped in the street

T-Mobile Alerted ‘A Few Hundred Customers’ Targeted By Hackers

 Catholic Charities’ server hacked, possibly as early as 2015

AZ Board of Education discloses FERPA incident, sends veiled threat to recipient of disclosed material?

Student information leaked from Creighton University Trio program

Patients of marijuana dispensary upset after personal information shared in email

Super-rich fear their financial details will be exposed following Bermuda cyber hack

Cosmetics Brand Tarte Exposed Personal Information About Nearly 2 Million Customers

Confidential child protection documents found ‘blowing around’ in a Leicester street

Carolina Oncology Specialists notifies 1,551 patients of possible breach

Computer file stolen in Oklahoma could put Spokane veterans at risk for identity theft

Austin Manual Therapy Associates patient data hacked

Action taken following major breach of personal health records at QEH

Data breach exposes millions of South Africans’ personal records

RiverMend Health notifies 1,300 after employee’s email account compromised

Chase Brexton Health Care notifies more than 16,000 patients after phishing incident

Thieves steal Bassett facility’s patient information

Data breach at Arden Hills-based Catholic financial services provider affects nearly 130K accounts

We Heart It says a data breach affected over 8 million accounts, included emails and passwords

Advanced Spine & Pain Center Notifies 8,362 Patients After Two Possibly Unrelated Incidents

Equifax: Umm, actually hackers stole records of 15.2 million Brits, not 400,000

Accenture left a huge trove of highly sensitive data on exposed servers

City of Calgary embroiled in privacy breach class-action lawsuit

Cabrillo College issues notice of data breach to 28,000 students

District investigating data breach at Palo Alto High School

Private data of more than 1,100 NFL players, agents exposed

Graton casino ‘data breach’ potentially reveals some patrons’ Social Security numbers

Hackers hit plastic surgery, threaten to release patient list and photographs

Financial information

Personal information possibly compromised for people paying fines, fees to Midland County

South Korean Gov’t Investigating Bithumb Security Breach, World’s Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange

Pizza Hut was hacked, company says

Hyatt Hotels Suffers 2nd Card Breach in 2 Years

Hackers steal $60 million from Taiwanese bank using bespoke malware

Sonic publicly confirms payment card breach at drive-in locations

November 2017

Cyber attack and ransomware

Sacramento Regional Transit Systems Hit By Hacker

Cash Converters hacked; customer data held for ransom

Agency’s data remains uncompromised after computer breach

Bitfinex on Twitter: Exchange is Under DDoS Attack

Boston Globe hit by denial of service attacks

Data breach

Important documents of Social Welfare Department found lying on street

Confidential files containing graphic descriptions of alleged rapes and victims’ details were found in a bin

CSO admits major data breach as thousands of people’s details leaked out

NC DHHS Reports Data Security Incident

Imgur Notice of Data Breach

Privacy breach at Burns Lake hospital

Dal warns of potential information breach

Uber Paid Hackers to Delete Stolen Data on 57 Million People

Police investigate hack of guns database

9,500 patients at the Medical College of Wisconsin notified of phishing incident

FEMA confirms identity theft claims after NBC2 investigation

School’s data breach spooks students

Probe into data leak – as patients private letters end up in Newtown

Pentagon Exposed Some Of Its Data On Amazon Server

UPMC Susquehanna notifies patients of data breach

Toronto company confirms user information stolen from six hacked websites

Privacy breaches in University file system affect 200 people

Western State Hospital patient information sent to wrong email address

Huddle’s ‘highly secure’ work tool exposed KPMG and BBC files

Social Security numbers of 2,100 Maine foster care participants posted online

Muslim Hacktivists Hack ISIS website; expose 2,000 subscribers list

Jaywing suffers data breach affecting CollectPlus, Vodafone and other clients

Patient information lost, found in bag on McGalliard

Financial information

Oxford and Cambridge Club hit by data breach after backup drive with members’ info stolen

Data breach hits Department of Social Services credit card system

YMCA of Central Florida Notifies Individuals of Security Incident

Cryptocurrency Startup Claims Hackers Stole $30.95 Million

Retailer Forever 21 discloses payment card breach

Fasten data leak: Nearly 1 million users’ sensitive data mistakenly exposed by US ride-hailing firm

Security flaw may have exposed personal info on 21,000 Utah Express Pass users

Local Salvation Army website updated after personal information released

Contractor breach exposes 50k Aussie govt, bank staff records

Fighting back against cyber crime

Canadian hacker enlisted by Russian FSB to hack Yahoo in 2014 pleads guilty

U.S. Charges Three Chinese Hackers Who Work at Internet Security Firm for Hacking Three Corporations for Commercial Advantage


Huge MacOS bug lets anyone login as root without a password: what you need to know

Facebook flaw allowed unauthorised users to delete any photo

Scammed via Western Union? You have less than 90 days to claim your share of $586 million refund

A Boeing 757 was hacked remotely while it sat on the runway

December 2017

Cyber attack and ransomware

Attackers claim to have hacked MEDHOST

FBI investigates cyberterrorist attack on Stanislaus County network

Proctor schools hit by ransomware attack

Top Security Firm Admits to MitM Security Incident

Jerome School District falls victim to ransomware

National Capital Poison Center discloses ransomware incident

After computer hack, Nashotah pays $2K ransom for residents’ personal information

Mad River Twp. Fire and EMS data hacked, encrypted with ransomware

Mecklenburg Co. leaders release ransom email from hackers

Former Sysadmin Caught Hacking His Ex-Employer by His Replacement

Data breach

Nissan Canada data breach may have exposed 1.1M finance customers’ information

MidMichigan notifies patients of potential breach

Chilton Medical Center hard drive containing protected health information was sold online

NYU Langone Health Notifies Patients of Improperly Disposed Binder Containing Patient Information

Home Economics: How Life in 123 Million American Households Was Exposed Online

Former hotel clerk arrested for profiting from guests’ info

Lincoln Nonprofit’s Laptop Containing Vital Information Stolen in Car Break-In

LSU issues notifications regarding stolen laptop

Austin Manual Therapy notifies 1,750 patients of data breach

Washington Health System Greene notifies 4,145 patients after hard drive with PHI was discovered stolen

Franciscan Physician Network of Illinois and Specialty Physicians of Illinois notify patients of payment records lost or stolen from storage facility

Hackers may have stolen the personal data of 80,000 people associated with Osaka University

eBay Privacy Breach Exposes Customer Names on Google

Cape students affected by data breach

Clarion U. students notified after employees fall for phishing attack

Glens Falls Hospital workers’ Social Security numbers released in internal email

24,000 UNC Health Care patients affected by potential security breach

Sinai Health System announces data breach but says risk to patients low

oBike reviewing app security after international user data leak

Henry Ford Health System Warns 18,470 Patients Of Data Breach

Real Time Health Quotes leak affected health insurance applicants

July Systems data leak: Massive trove of sensitive information exposed online via unsecured database

Baptist Health Louisville notifies 880 patients after phishing incident

A popular virtual keyboard app leaks 31 million users’ personal data

Former employee reportedly steals mental health data on 28,434 Bexar County patients

Data security breach at Rutgers leaves the information of 1,700 students unprotected

Financial information

Text alert: the ‘bank’ message that cost a student £5,400 of her loan money

Basic training in avoiding phishing is no longer sufficient

Thieves stole potentially millions of dollars in bitcoin in a hacking attack on a cryptocurrency company

PayPal Admits Acquired Company Suffered Major Breach

Cyber heist’: 600 bank accounts hacked for Rs 10million

Compromised payroll documents contained personal info of current, former Humboldt County staff, dependents


U.S. claims North Korea was responsible for WannaCry

Fighting back against cyber crime

Romania arrests five suspected members of major ransomware gang

Former nurse sentenced for cyber stalking campaign

Chicago Man Charged With Hacking Company’s Servers After Termination

Hacker got details of 165,000 people from sites including Uber and Groupon


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