Reconfiguring em1 to eth0

CounterSnipe requires the network cards to be eth0, eth1 format as opposed to em1, em2 etc.

If your system bios brings up the networking as em format, you must change it to be in eth format.

Here are the 3 steps to change:

Step 1. login as root and edit /etc/default/grub

(You can use any editor of your choice. In case you are not Linux edit savvy, Here is a quick 'how to' on vi.
Simply type 'vi /etc/default/grub' without the inverted commas.
'ESC' key frees the curser to move around. i enables insert and a enables append.
Once done ESC and :wq will write your changes and quit. if you make a mistake simply :q! to
quit without saving your changes and then restart)

Find the following two lines:


Then change them to look like:


and run

sudo update-grub

Step 2.

Edit /etc/network/interfaces file

and replace em1 with eth0
save the file.

Step 3.


You are done.

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