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CounterSnipe Systems, experts in strategic security develop Network Security and Intrusion Prevention Systems IDS/IPS software with many additional features/utilities that make our IDS/IPS software that much more practical. CounterSnipe's agile approach to doing things enables us to create user specific functions and features in no time. When you experience CounterSnipe in your environment, you also experience the whole team of experts that work with you towards enahancing total network security.

Through a strategic approach to security, the company identifies and implements the right balance of technology, people and processes to manage digital risk and leverage security investments more effectively. By combining asset discovery, vulnerability scanning and IDS/IPS attack data, CounterSnipe Systems offers one of the most comprehensive Enterprise Threat Management systems on the market.

Our software is well suited to and deployed by large corporate enterprises, financial institutions, government departments, Internet/managed service providers and academic establishments.  We have 100s of current customers with many more in the selection process. Our current customers list includes names such as CWCapital, National Archives, Intercontinental Bank, MOD Uganda, Capita and many well known financial, insurance and health sector companies.

Founded in 2012, CounterSnipe Systems is a privately held Delaware Corporation. The company is Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts with offices in the UK, Switzerland, Denmark and other key locations. 



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Amar Rathore   SVP Product and Business Development.

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