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2016 - Amazon Web Services(AWS)/Cloud Security - CounterSnipe IDS/IPS Case Study

Wepa (Wireless everywhere, print anywhere) protects over 2000 locations and 10s of AWS servers with CounterSnipe’s Intrusion Prevention Security (IDS/IPS).

If you are using Amazon Web Services (AWS) or another MSP, Hosting or Cloud Provider for supplemental computing power, you need to take responsibility for network security.  AWS is a market leader in providing a platform of integrated security tools to host computer-based applications, including Identity and Access Management, Inventory & Configuration, Monitoring, Firewalls, and Encrypted Data Storage.


2015 - A major European Insurance Company chooses CounterSnipe for multi site network security and Intrusion Prevention requirements.  This rapidly expanding business required versatile security. They chose CounterSnipe because CounterSnipe offered them the ease of management by co-managing their CounterSnipe security systems and the licensing model that allowed them to build multiple security systems for security the entire organization.

2015 - A leading US Health Services Organization selects Countersnipe for securing its global operations from Intrusion and Malware. The business required the flexibility of building multiple security systems with the main Intrusion Prevention Systems operation at up to 10G speeds. CounterSnipe assisted by providing on site consultancy and configuration services.

2014 - A leading US financial services organization chooses CounterSnipe for Intrusion Prevention Security. The ability to detect and manage assets is sited as the key deciding factor. The company will implement policies to ensure that all alien hosts are blocked off their network and CounterSnipe consultants will work together with the company security engineers to implement multi location security systems with central alert management.

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