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Lower the cost of each appliance - Easy to install Software on any commercial hardware

Easy to upgrade or relocate - no additional costs

Quickest new feature delivery - no shelf life

Why buy 1 appliance when you can have 99

Cyber Security begins at the enterprise

Protects users and user data

Protects application data

Protects networks and infrastructure

Helps eliminate Ransomware

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V10 brings IPS to your finger tips

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We develop, sell and support Intrusion Prevention (IDS/IPS) Software  which includes rules, assets, configuration and IDS alert management for Suricata. Our IDS software is available for on site, in AWS or other cloud or as Managed IDS security service. 

Your hardware - Servers, desktops, laptops, old appliances, new hardware

Your VMs -  VMWare, VirtualBox, Xen, Parallels or other

Your Cloud - Private or Public such as AWS

OUR IDS/IPS Software - comprehensive, flexible, effective, unlimited, future proof

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Reconfiguring em1 to eth0

CounterSnipe requires the network cards to be eth0, eth1 format as opposed to em1, em2 etc.

If your system bios brings up the networking as em format, you must change it to be in eth format.

Here are the 3 steps to change:

Step 1. login as root and edit /etc/default/grub

(You can use any editor of your choice. In case you are not Linux edit savvy, Here is a quick 'how to' on vi.
Simply type 'vi /etc/default/grub' without the inverted commas.
'ESC' key frees the curser to move around. i enables insert and a enables append.
Once done ESC and :wq will write your changes and quit. if you make a mistake simply :q! to
quit without saving your changes and then restart)

Find the following two lines:


Then change them to look like:


and run

sudo update-grub

Step 2.

Edit /etc/network/interfaces file

and replace em1 with eth0
save the file.

Step 3.


You are done.

Can't tell your IDS from IPS or IDE from IDS or what we do with Suricata, the leading IDE?

We shalll explain it all in this document...go ahead and take a read.

IPS Explained?



2017 sees CounterSnipe launch Managed IDS/IPS. Working together with our international MSSP partners we ensure that your security data stays local to you. No hardware investment, no setup costs and no training/in house resource costs....leave it all to our experts.

Managed Security

You have decided to move your services to AWS or another cloud. Good planning will also need to take IDS/IPS into account. Here is a case study for how Wepa protect their thousands of users and AWS hosts




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